About Us

Situated in the heart of Cronulla, Royal Orchard Thai is a restaurant familiar to local residents and tourists visiting the beach.

Having being run for 15 years, Royal Orchard prides itself on its use of fresh quality ingredients and loyal customer service. As we believe in providing our customers a positive and memorable dining experience, the Thai food created by Royal Orchard is authentic and continually evolving in originality with constant seasonal changes to chef specialties.

Our menu is inspired from all regions of Thailand and you will usually be able to find your favourite traditional Thai dishes. As we constantly aim to introduce and inspire new dishes, you will always find something different. These dishes are driven by our enthusiasm, passion and love for Thai flavours and spices. 

Royal Orchard features itself as one of the top 10 ranking restaurants on Cronulla’s Trip Advisor and has maintained its position for 5 years in a row. Royal Orchard has been one of the longest operating Thai restaurants within the Sutherland Shire.

Royal Orchard is open for dinner 7 nights a week and reservations can be made through the reservations link. Functions may also be arranged and dishes may also be catered towards special dietary requirements.

On behalf of Royal Orchard, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you and hope to see you soon.